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Swearingen Metro

Private Air Charters on the Swearingen Metro – History and Highlights

When you are seeking executive air charters on larger aircraft that has room for up to 20 passengers, the Fairchild Swearingen Metro (aka Metroliner) may be just the ticket. Charter Flight Group can arrange private charter flights on this popular twin-engine turboprop and accommodate your needs. Originally developed and produced by Swearingen Aviation as an evolution of their Merlin aircraft, and currently manufactured by Fairchild Aerospace in Texas, the Metro and its many variants are solid, dependable and cost-effective performers.

The original Metro entered production in 1971 and was soon replaced by the Metro II (SA226) with larger windows and improved performance on takeoff. The Metro III (SA227) was certified in 1980 with upgraded engines, increased wingspan, four-bladed props and various modifications to the airframe. Several special models were issued, including the SA227-BC built for a Mexican airline. With attention focused on better engines, more power, greater weight capacity and a few design changes, the Metro IV (later renamed Metro 23) was introduced.

The Metro 23 is the current version. A few Metro 25s were built with increased passenger and decreased baggage capacity. And there were also cargo variants and a military version of the Metro 23, the C-26B model, manufactured for the U.S. Air Force.

The Swearingen Metro is well-suited for private charter flights for VIPs, midsized groups and companies who are looking for a pressurized, reliable and efficient aircraft. Charter Flight Group can put together an executive air charter for you and your family, friends or colleagues to and from hundreds of destinations in the Swearingen Metro 23. Its short runway capabilities make it ideal for travel to and from remote airports. Your private air travel aboard the Metro can be done on your own unique timetable so you won’t be limited by the schedules of commercial airline flights. With a range of about 1,500 miles, the Metro 23 can quickly carry you from London to Bucharest, Miami to Aruba, or Tucson to Milwaukee.