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Socata TBM 700/850/930


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Socata TBM 700/850/930

Private Air Travel on the Socata TBM 700/850/930 – History and Highlights

Charter a private plane through Charter Flight Group on the Socata TBM 700/850 and enjoy comfort, speed and economy. Introduced in 1990, the Socata TBM 700 is a turboprop derivative of the Mooney 301 designed by Mooney Aircraft Company in Kerrville, Texas. It was built by SOCATA (or Daher-SOCATA), an acronym for Societe de Construction d’Avions de Tourisme et d’Affaires in Tarbes, France. The “TB” in the designation stands for Tarbes and the “M” stands for Mooney, although Mooney was not involved in the production.The Socata TBM 700 and TBM 850 (which replaced the TBM 700 in 2006) are economical single-engine turboprops with the performance advantages of light jets. The TBM 850 is the world’s fastest certified single-engine turboprop private plane charter with a maximum cruise speed of 320 knots at 26,000 feet. It is only 28 knots faster than the Socata TBM 700 and has become an international success.It will complete a 500 mile trip and burn half the fuel of a twin-engine very light jet.
This aircraft is popular with individuals, corporations and private plane charter operators, and is in regular use by the French Army and French Air Force.The Socata TBM 700/850 is an ideal choice if you need to charter a private plane for executive or VIP travel or for an exotic vacation with a few friends or family members. Charter Flight Group can arrange private air travel for you and your guests to and from hundreds of destinations in the Socata TBM. This turboprop can take off and land on short runways, which is ideal for private air travel to mountain ski resorts. Your private plane charter on the Socata TBM allows you to depart on your own timetable and land in thousands of remote airports, giving you better access to your destination than regularly-scheduled airline flights. The Socata TBM is practical and cost-effective for your private plane charters. It can easily transport you quickly from Barcelona to Istanbul, New York to Aspen, or Los Angeles to Acapulco.