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ATR 42

Private Aircraft Charters on ATR 42 – History and Highlights

Charter your next private group flight on the ATR 42 from ATR. Charter Flight Group is pleased to offer this fine turboprop airliner to our private clients no matter where their trip originates or departs worldwide. With more than 30 years in the private charter industry, only Charter Flight Group can provide the kind of service that your organization deserves with the ATR 42.

The ATR 42 was developed as a joint effort between the France and Italy to provide a sturdy, reliable mass regional transport aircraft. The goal was to develop an aircraft that could convey passengers in comfort while providing efficient travel. After announcing plans for the ATR 42-300, the first in the line (the -200 was only built as a prototype) in 1981, certification from both France and Italy was granted by 1985. After a great run with the ATR 42, the company began developing numerous

variations beginning in 1996 and this has made this turboprop one of the most versatile and popular turboprop aircraft in history.

The ATR 42 derives its name from the passenger capacity of between 40 and 52 passengers, depending on configuration. Pratt and Whitney PW120 engines were used on the initial model and the loaded range is 885 km. However, some of the variations include the -500, which allowed for greater cargo capacity and range; the -600, which included numerous technological advances providing greater efficiency, power, and passenger comfort; a cargo variant, which is used by FedEx, UPS, DHL, and Aviavilsa; and numerous specialty variations used in both civil and military operations worldwide.