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Merlin III/IV


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Merlin III/IV

Private Flight Charters on the Merlin III/IV – History and Highlights

Charter Flight Group will arrange private plane charters on the short-range business aircraft, the Merlin III for your charter travel convenience. Produced by Swearingen Aircraft and later by Fairchild Aerospace in Texas, the Merlin III and its variants challenge many light business jets and are impressive and cost-effective as private flight charter aircraft. Merlin III, introduced in 1972, is an improved and slightly larger version of the Merlin II with the addition of a new tail, new landing gear and more powerful engines. Other variants include Merlin III-A with an updated design and more windows, Merlin III-B with interior revisions, more powerful engines and propellers that turned in the opposite direction, and Merlin III-C which was redesigned to meet Special Federal Aviation Regulation 41 standards for weight. There are also military variants popular with the armies and air forces including Argentina, Belgium and the U.S.The Merlin III is an economical pressurized twin-engine turboprop that can fly further, faster and burn less fuel than the King Air.
It is perfectly suited for private flight charters for VIPs, individuals and companies who need a reliable cargo aircraft. This turboprop requires a runway of at least 4,000 feet. Charter Flight Group can arrange charter travel for you and your guests to and from hundreds of destinations in the Merlin III. Your private plane charters on the Merlin III allows you to depart on your own timetable and land in thousands of remote airports, giving you better access to your destination than regularly-scheduled airline flights. The Merlin III is practical and cost-effective for your private flight charters. With a cruising speed of 300 knots, it can easily transport you from Miami to Barbados, San Diego to Atlanta, or Madrid to Cairo.