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Piper Matrix


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Piper Matrix

Private Plane Charter on the Piper Matrix – History and Highlights

Charter Flight Group is ready on demand to organize your chartered private flights to and from domestic and international airports on the Piper Matrix, officially designated as the PA-46R-350T.
Introduced in 2007 by Piper Aircraft of Vero Beach, Florida, the single-engine piston turboprop Piper Matrix has won accolades from owners as best in its class for cabin size and great performance. The Piper Matrix sits high on its gear and features an air-stair entrance door, all giving it the feeling of a larger aircraft. Piper developed the PA-46R-350T Matrix without the pressurization of its sibling, the Piper Mirage, to lighten the aircraft and give it more range and better speed, but kept the engine and performance intact.

When you charter air flights on the Piper Matrix, you’ll be able to transport your small group of coworkers, friends or family members on a schedule that suits you. The ability to land in any one of thousands of small airports around the world means you have far more flexibility with private air travel than on regularly-scheduled commercial airlines. Your chartered private flight with Charter Flight Group affords you and your guests a luxurious amount of cabin space and comfort. Expect your charter air flight on the Piper Matrix to quickly transport you between Chicago and San Antonio, Minneapolis and Tampa, or Madrid to Budapest.