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Piper Cheyenne/Cheyenne II


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Piper Cheyenne/Cheyenne II

Private Aircraft Charter Flights on the Piper Cheyenne/Cheyenne II – History and Highlights

Charter Flight Group can charter a plane for you and your guests into and out of hundreds of airports around the world. Enjoy the efficiency and economy of charter travel in the Cheyenne family of private planes. The first model of these twin-engine turboprops, the Cheyenne (no Roman numeral but later designated as Cheyenne I) was introduced by Piper Aircraft in the late 1960s to compete with the comfort and reliability of Beechcraft’s popular King Air series. The deisgn was based on Piper’s popular Navajo and Chieftan piston models and was certified in 1972. Several aerodynamic and engine upgrades resulted in the later introduction of the Cheyenne IA, Cheyenne II and Cheyenne IIXL. The Cheyenne PA-31T family of planes remains popular for private aircraft charter companies, corporations and individuals.
The Cheyenne family utilized the identical fuselage cross-section as most other Piper aircraft, although the variants are different lengths. The Cheyenne is pressurized so it can cruise above most bad weather at over 28,000 feet. It has a range of nearly 1,000 miles and can take off from and land on virtually any paved runway making the Cheyenne an extremely versatile private charter aircraft. You can depart on your own schedule and land in thousands of remote private airports that cannot be served by regularly-scheduled airline flights or larger business jets. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, your private aircraft charter in the Cheyenne will help you avoid overcrowded airports and long security lines. You can enjoy easy charter travel non-stop from Phoenix to Dallas, Jacksonville to Montego Bay, Jamaica, or Munich to Athens.