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Pilatus PC-12


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Pilatus PC-12

Private Plane Charter on the Pilatus PC-12 – History and Highlights

Enjoy luxury, comfort and economy when you charter a flight on the Pilatus PC-12. Introduced in 1994 by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland, the Pilatus PC-12 offers speeds of over 300 miles per hour on short- to medium-distance chartered private flights. This single-engine turboprop features an aerodynamically advanced airframe with a dynamic cabin that can be configured for both passenger and cargo private plane charters. The Pilatus PC-12 is an ideal choice if you need to charter a flight for executive or VIP travel or for an exotic vacation with family or friends.

Charter Flight Group can arrange chartered private flights for you and your guests to and from hundreds of destinations in the Pilatus PC-12. This turboprop is powerful and rugged, with the ability to take off and land on very short, grassy or unfinished runways. When you charter a flight on the Pilatus PC-12 you will be able to depart on your own timetable and land in thousands of remote private airports, giving you better access to your destination than regularly-scheduled airline flights.

The Pilatus PC-12 is practical and cost-effective for your private plane charters. With eight passengers, you can expect solid performance on chartered private flights of up to three and a half hours. The Pilatus PC-12 can easily transport you from Las Vegas to Chicago, New York to San Juan, Puerto Rico, or London to Istanbul.

The Pilatus PC-12 has been in steady use by individuals, corporations and regional commuter transports, as well as for organizations such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. Variants include the PC-12M (multipurpose; also called the PC-12 Spectre) which has a more powerful electrical system enabling it to be used for aerial surveillance, air ambulance, parachutist drops and aerial photography missions. The U.S. Air Force uses the U-28A variant for special operations, and the PC-12NG (next generation) variant was recently introduced with a more powerful engine, higher speed, improved climb and upgraded avionics, making it a great choice for private plane charters.