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Mitsubishi Diamond


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Mitsubishi Diamond

Jet Aircraft Charters on the Mitsubishi Diamond – History and Highlights

This small, light, twin-engine business jet was built in 1978 by Mitsubishi to become their top-of-the-line executive jet. Beechcraft later bought the rights and manufactured the Mitsubishi MU-300 Diamond under a new name, the Beechjet 400. Beech Aircraft and its future owner, Raytheon, continued to make improvements such as increased range, higher takeoff weights, and more luxurious features, and re-designated the Diamond as the Beechjet 400A. When Raytheon purchased the Hawker line in 1993, the Beechjet 400 became the Hawker 400.

Get in touch with Charter Flight Group to charter private aircraft for travel in and out of airports around the world. Business air charters on the Mitsubishi Diamond enable you to make your own schedule and land in thousands of remote private airports.

This will give you better access to your destination than commercial airline flights. The longer range of the Mitsubishi Diamond in comparison to other light charter private aircraft makes it the ideal business jet for business air charters from Boston to Key Largo, San Diego to Fort Worth, or Madrid to Budapest. The Mitsubishi Diamond business jets have remained very popular with private owners, VIP jet aircraft charter operators, and air taxi operators.