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Learjet 85


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Learjet 85

Private Jet Charters on the Bombardier Learjet 85 – History and Highlights

Next up from aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace is their first jet with an entirely carbon-composite fuselage and wing – the innovative Learjet 85. It was designed with CAD tools, such as CADIA (developed by Dassault) and HyperSizer (technology from NASA). Composite construction allows builders to increase cabin space, adding to the comfort level for Learjet charter passengers, and to minimize drag. Aside from using fancy composite materials, another new trend in the business jet market is to build jets that fall in between the standard classes. The Learjet 85 is one of these; it is officially a light, twin-engine midsize jet, but approaches super midsize.

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The Learjet 85 is versatile and reliable and is ideal for transcontinental flights. Your private jet charter on the Learjet 85 will impress you with its high rate of climb (41,000 feet in 18 minutes) that can overfly most weather systems and avoid congested airspace, and its long-range cruise speed of 0.78 Mach which is matched in the class only by the Legacy 450. When you charter private jets for speed, range and luxury, the Learjet 85 will be the perfect private jet charter for trips between Los Angeles and San Juan, Dallas and Anchorage or Moscow and Mumbai.