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Learjet 31/31A/31ER


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Learjet 31/31A/31ER

Private Flight Charters on the Learjet 31/31A/31ER – History and Highlights

Charter Flight Group can charter private Learjets for your travel into and out of hundreds of domestic and international airports aboard the Learjet 31. This familiar twin-engine light business jet was introduced in 1987 by Learjet, a subsidiary of Bombardier, and is synonymous with great performance. It was eventually replaced in 1990 by the Learjet 31A which featured avionics improvements and better takeoff and landing performance. With a private flight charter, you and your guests will enjoy the speed of the Lear 31/31A, which can reach a cruising speed of Mach 0.81. Another variant, the Learjet 31A/ER offers a longer range of 2,199 miles.Private flight charters on the Learjet 31/31A enable you to take off on your own schedule and touch down in thousands of remote private airports, improving your access to your destination compared to commercial airline flights.
The Learjet 31/31-A is above average in speed and range for a business jet in the light jet class. It can reach an altitude of 47,000 feet in under 30 minutes. When you charter private Learjet 31/31As, you will be impressed with the high rate of climb that enables you to overfly weather systems and avoid congested airspace. When speed is important to you, the Learjet 31/31A is the ideal private charter aircraft for trips between Sacramento and Dallas, Miami and Acapulco, or Aspen and Washington D.C. Since it was first introduced, the Learjet 31/31A has remained extremely popular with private owners, VIP private flight charter operators, and civilian operators such as NASA.