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Lear 60/60XR


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Lear 60/60XR

Private Plane Flight on Lear 60/60XR – History and Highlights

One of the newest and finest lines of Lear jet is the Lear 60 and Charter Flight Group is pleased to offer this outstanding private luxury business jet to you. With more than 30 years experience providing private charter aircraft to clients from countless locations worldwide, only Charter Flight Group can provide the kind of service that our clients deserve.Bombardier Aerospace began work on the Lear 60 mid-size jet in order to serve a growing demand among private charter business fliers for increased capacity. However, to increase capacity while retaining all the other features that make the Lear a favorite among business travelers, Bombardier had to implement several modifications to the aerodynamics of the jet.
Some of the modifications required in building the Lear 60 private jet involved obvious improvements to the fuselage to increase capacity whereas other required changes to the wings and other stabilization-related components so as not to lose the range, speed, and reliability. For instance, the tail sections had to blend smoothly with the fuselage to reduce draft. The Longhorn winglet required changes to increase the efficiency while still providing stability and the company eliminated the two ventral fins with a single which improved stall performance and added to overall stability,