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Lear 55


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Lear 55

Jet Flight Charters on Lear 55 – History and Highlights

There exists perhaps no sleeker, more stylish private business jet than the Lear and the Lear 55 is one of the finer additions to this family. Charter Flight Group has been providing Lear Jets to private charter business travelers for more than 30 years to destinations globally.

The Lear 55 began as a concept by Bombardier announced in 1977 to build a private business jet with larger cabins than then existed. In developing the 50 series, the company utilized winglets developed by NASA which gave rise to the nickname, the Longhorn. In early 1978, construction was started on the Lear 55 after final testing of the wing design commenced and the first jet took flight a year later with the first production model delivered in 1981.

The Lear 55 was designed to be a mid-size luxury business jet with good cabin space, an enclosed, belted lavatory, great climb rate, cruise speed, and range. The designers accomplished all their goals and the resulting business jet provides many private travelers with excellent service to this day. In addition, the aircraft was designed to meet increased demands for variable performance capabilities so numerous variations were built to accommodate these. When booking your private charter on the Lear 55, be sure to discuss such options with your private charter planner.