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Lear 40/40XR


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Lear 40/40XR

Private Jet Flights on Lear 40/40XR – History and Highlights

Perhaps no other jet in the world carries the impression of a Lear and the Lear 40 is no exception. Charter Flight Group is pleased to offer the Lear 40 light jet to clients worldwide for private use. After over 30 years in the private charter flight industry, Charter Flight Group has gained a reputation for luxurious and reliable service rivaled perhaps only by Lear.The Lear 40 was developed to replace the discontinued LearJet 31a and the first prototype took flight on August 31, 2002 with the production model showing off a few days later on September 5. The basis concept behind the 40 is a derivative of the earlier model, the Learjet 45
but shorter and powered by two newer, more efficient and powerful engines, the Honeywell TFE731-20AR.In creating this light jet, the company sought and found a lighter aircraft, capable of considerable range and payload for a jet in its class. This aircraft features faster takeoff speeds, is quicker to climb to cruising altitude, and with higher takeoff weights which makes this an excellent light jet for nearly any private charter client.