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Hawker Beechcraft Premier I/II


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Hawker Beechcraft Premier I/II

Jet Flight Charter on the Hawker Beechcraft Premier I/II – History and Highlights

Enjoy private jet service to and from regional and global destinations on Hawker Beechcraft’s innovative all-composite light jet, the Premier I, when you book chartered private flights with Charter Flight Group. The Premier I was actually the first business jet developed from the ground up by Raytheon, which owned Beechcraft between 1980 and 2007. The Premier was certified in 2001 and its upgraded successor, Premier IA, was certified in 2005.The design of this aircraft has some “wow” factor due to the amazingly strong composite fuselage which was designed with CATIA Computer-Aided Design technology. The biggest advantage is that Premier fuselage could be built in one day compared to the two to three weeks needed for conventional fuselage. The composite graphite, epoxy laminate, honeycomb fuselage and high-swept wings also made the airframes lighter and stronger and

the cabins roomier than any other light jet in the class. The Premier earned Raytheon a reputation as a world leader in general aviation composite technology. In comparison, for example, to the Cessna Citation CJ, the Premiers are significantly lighter and faster.Flights on these corporate jets will enable you to travel on your own schedule and are ideal on short runways that can’t accommodate larger jets. Chartered private flights on the Hawker Beechcraft Premier offer you relief from crowded airports and long security lines as well as convenience and luxury. The large cabins of these corporate jets feature cushy executive seats that slide, swivel and recline for maximum comfort. With the Premier’s range and fast cruising speed, you can swiftly get from San Diego to Denver, Washington DC to Bermuda, or London to Zagreb with a full passenger load.