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Hawker 900XP


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Hawker 900XP

Private Aircraft Charters on Hawker 900XP – History and Highlights

When considering a private jet charter flight on the Hawker 900XP, Charter Flight Group would be happy to make all your arrangements. With over 30 years experience in providing private jet charters to clients worldwide, Charter Flight Group is as much a world leader in our industry as the Hawker in its.

Indeed, the Hawker 900XP jet is one of the latest designs in the longest-reigning business jet industry, with roots tracing back to the first Hawker built by British Aerospace. At the time, the hawker was revolutionary and today this aircraft line continues to set the pace than many attempt to follow. Beginning with the 700 series in 1981, Beechcraft began seeking to extend the range and payload capacity of their most popular business jet, the Hawker.

In a series of steps, leading up to this very popular model, the Hawker 900XP, Beechcraft Raytheon engineers made various seeming minor adjustments to improve aerodynamics to this model while maintaining the features that customers loved the most. Indeed, they found that “small” changes, like winglets and a modified rear fuselage could make a considerable difference in fuel consumption and therefore range. In the 900XP, Honeywell Corporation scored the winning hit with a fine upgrade to the reliable TFE731-50BR engine, which provided reduced fuel consumption.