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Hawker 850XP


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Hawker 850XP

Private Plane Charters on Hawker 850XP – History and Highlights

When considering which aircraft to charter with Charter Flight Group, the Hawker 850XP is a good choice for many. Charter Flight Group has over 30 years experience providing private business clients with the finest in jet charter travel and is proud to offer the Hawker 850XP. We can arrange your private flight from countless destinations world wide to virtually any location you desire with this mid-size jet from Beechcraft Raytheon.

When the first Hawker soared into service, compliments of British Aerospace back in 1962, the company knew it had a winner, but no one then realized that this would become the world’s best-loved and longest-running series of business jet aircraft.

Indeed numerous upgrades and modifications eventually produced one of the finest private business jets, the Hawker 850XP.

The Hawker 850XP is not very different from the 800XP, but often it is the subtle differences that make all the difference. When Beechcraft Raytheon determined that this aircraft needed just a tad more range, they added winglets which extended the range of this popular jet by 100 nautical miles. In addition, they upgraded the avionics and added some fine touches to the interior to give this private business aircraft some extra zing.