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Hawker 800A


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Hawker 800A

Private Aircraft Charters on Hawker 800A – History and Highlights

Charter Flight Group is proud to offer the incredible hawker 800A mid-size business jet for your private charter flight needs. Charter Flight Group, with more than thirty years experience providing private charter clients with the best service in the industry has convenient hours for you to book your private charter…24/7.

The Hawker 800A is a modified version of the longest-running business jet in history. Originally manufactured by British Aerospace, the Hawker is now built by Beechcraft Raytheon, leaders in the private business jet industry. This particular model was developed in response to a demand for efficiency and range. It is currently assembled in Wichita, Kansas.

In order to meet the need for improved efficiency and performance, Beechcraft redesigned the wing structures and nose, while making considerable improvements to the on-board avionics suite and engine components. The result has been a business jet aircraft with longer range while maintaining the cargo capabilities, though a sacrifice has been made in takeoff and landing distances. In addition, added creature comforts include additional features in the lavatory and passenger cabin.