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Hawker 750


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Hawker 750

Private Jet Charter on Hawker 750 – History and Highlights

When you are ready to charter your private jet flight on the Hawker 750 by Beechcraft, Raytheon, give Charter Flight Group a call. Flying to countless destinations worldwide for over 30 years, only Charter Flight Group can provide you with the luxury, distinction, and outstanding service you require on your Hawker 750 private jet.

The Hawker 750 mid-size jet was developed by Raytheon in response to a growing demand for private charter jet flights with additional interior room, cargo, and creature comforts without sacrificing range and certain performance capabilities. The Hawker series dates back to 1962 and though many improvements have been made since that time, the basic aircraft retains many of the features that made it such a hit then.

For instance, the Hawker 750 can still land on relatively short runways, 5000’, with the ability to even take on grass and gravel. Some of the creature comforts within, however, are what make the Hawker 750 unique. Featuring a full galley, enclosed lavatory with belted seating for your executive assistant, five luxurious seats that fully recline along with a three seat sofa/divan, and an interior baggage compartment, this jet is sure to please. In addition, the sizeable exterior cargo hold is heated.