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Hawker 700/700A


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Hawker 700/700A

Private Aircraft Charters on Hawker 700/700A – History and Highlights

If you are considering a private charter flight on the Hawker 700 mid-size business jet then let Charter Flight Group make all your arrangements. With more than thirty years experience in providing the finest luxury jet charters in the industry, Charter Flight Group can provide a Hawker 700 to any of countless destinations worldwide.The Hawker 700 jet is one of the more recent innovations from the longest-running private business aircraft manufacturer, British Aerospace. It first entered production in 1975, with the run continuing until 1984 when it was replaced by the 800. When the Hawker 700 presented its maiden flight on June 19, 1976, the Garrett TFE-731 turbofans created quite the buzz, for this aircraft provided significant performance coupled with fuel efficiency.
Indeed, the Hawker 700 is quite the luxury jet for business travelers, for the interior is spacious and comfortable, with nearly 6 feet of headroom. It features an enclosed lavatory with plenty of cabin space, a sofa for those extra long flights, and plenty of amenities for conducting business while en route. With a maximum range of 1,350 miles, this is the ideal business jet for flights from Dallas to Chicago or similar destinations.