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Hawker 1000/1000A


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Hawker 1000/1000A

Jet Aircraft Charters on the Hawker 1000/1000A – History and Highlights

Consider an executive air charter on the Hawker 1000, which is often called “The Gentleman’s Hawker” because of its style and comfort. This super-midsize twin-engine aircraft went through a series of name changes throughout its history. It was designed in the 1960s by Britain’s de Havilland Aircraft Company and was originally called the DH.125. When Hawker Siddeley bought de Havilland, the jet was renamed HS.125. In 1977, Hawker Siddeley merged with the British Aircraft Corporation to form British Aerospace, and the jet was renamed BAe 125-1000. In 1993, Raytheon acquired British Aerospace’s business jets division and the BAe 125-1000 became the Raytheon Hawker 1000. It was the largest of the Hawker Siddeley business jets and eventually replaced the hugely popular Hawker 800 which suffered from minimal range and limited baggage capacity.
Get in touch with Charter Flight Group for chartered private flights into and out of hundreds of domestic and international airports. Executive air charters on the Hawker 1000 enable you to depart on your own timetable and land in thousands of remote private airports, giving you better access to your destination than commercial airline flights. The Hawker 1000 allows for non-stop chartered private flights from coast to coast in the US and intercontinental flights. It favorably compares to other jet aircraft charters in similar sized aircraft. It is ideal for chartered private flights from San Francisco to Honolulu, Phoenix to Boston, or Miami to Aspen. The Hawker 1000 business jets were eventually replaced by the all-composite Hawker 4000, but have remained very popular with private owners and VIP executive jet charter operators.