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Gulfstream GII


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Gulfstream GII

Private Aircraft Charters on Gulfstream GII – History and Highlights

Charter a private flight on the history-making Gulfstream II with Charter Flight Group. With more than 30 years experience in providing corporate travelers with private charter jets such as the Gulfstream II, Charter Flight Group is a world leader in private charter flights to countless destinations both domestic and foreign.

The Gulfstream II has a long and noble history, dating to 1966 when the first Gulfstream II took flight. Built by Grumman Corporation of Long Island, New York, this jet replaced the Gulfstream I, which was a large turboprop aircraft built for both corporate air travel and military use. The Gulfstream II would become the most popular large jet aircraft in history and the first jet is now on display at the Carolinas Aviation Museum; the exhibit “A Nation Built on Innovation” is slated for opening in late 2012, with the Gulfstream II the centerpiece.

Grumman and this aircraft hold an elite position in the history of American aerospace innovation, having been used by NASA in the Apollo missions and the Space Shuttle program, along with numerous other national defense contracts.

The Gulfstream Ii was built primarily for corporate transport by providing high speed and long range without giving up performance and reliability. In fact, the factory on Long Island became so well-known for reliability that it was nicknamed “The Ironworks.” This jet aircraft has stood the test of time and proven just how sturdy and reliable it is; because of its durability, rather than scrap these jets when newer technology emerged in the 70s, most were retrofitted with winglets and additional fuel tanks to allow for longer and more efficient flights.