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Global Express/Express XRS/6000


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Global Express/Express XRS/6000

Private Jet Charters on the Global Express/Express XRS/Global 6000 – History and Highlights

There is no need to sacrifice comfort or speed on your intercontinental travel when you charter flights through Charter Flight Group on the Global Express (now rebranded as the Global 6000). With a long range of more than 6,500 miles and a Mach 0.89 maximum operating speed, your Global Express private flight charter will take you further and get you there faster. You can easily travel non-stop from Los Angeles to Rio de Janeiro, Washington DC to Istanbul or Tokyo to London without the need to refuel. Global Express is one of the preferred private aircraft options and favorably compares to the Gulfstream GV/G550, its top competitor for charter flights in the large and heavy jet class. It has more cabin space, better aisle clearance and more stand-up headroom, all the things you would want on an intercontinental trip.Canada’s Bombardier Aerospace announced the Global Express in 1991 and the aircraft’s first flight was in 1996. It is a high-performance twin-engine heavy charter jet with ultra-long range and exceptional short-field capability for its size, requiring only 2,700 feet of runway to land. This means you can fly into hundreds of airports with shorter runways that are inaccessible to other charter flights.
The Global Express is popular with private individuals, corporations, private aircraft charter operators and government operators around the world. The current model, Global Express XRS (introduced to the market in 2005), features a remodeled cabin and upgraded avionics.Your private flight charter on the Global Express will allow you and your colleagues to work efficiently in the lap of luxury instead of wasting time in overcrowded airports and long security lines. When you book your corporate or recreational charter flights with Charter Flight Group, we will help you get as close as possible to your destination. Charter Flight Group will arrange your private flight charter on the Global Express so that you can depart on your own schedule, go exactly where you want to go quickly, and relax in style.