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Falcon 7X/8X


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Falcon 7X/8X

Business Jet Aircraft Charter on the Falcon 7X/8X – History and Highlights

There is no need to sacrifice comfort or performance for your executive air charter when you arrange business jet charters through Charter Flight Group on the Falcon 7X. And, if you feel like this corporate jet performs somewhat like a fighter jet, it’s not your imagination. Dassault Aviation, manufacturer of the Falcon 7X, is a subsidiary of Dassault Group, a French company that also builds a range of military jets, including the Mirage and Rafale fighter jets. The Falcon 7X, which debuted in 2005, was the first business jet to feature a digital “fly by wire” flight control system. This advanced technology was borrowed from Dassault’s jet fighters and will make your executive air charter quieter, smoother and safer.Falcon 7X is a high-performance heavy charter jet with exceptional short-field capability. This means you can fly into hundreds of airports with shorter runways that are inaccessible by other business jets, including airports with hot and high-altitude conditions or that require a steep approach. The Falcon 7X is also quiet and can take off and land at airports with strict noise restrictions. In fact, the Dassault Falcon 7X is the only heavy charter jet aircraft permitted to operate at London City Airport.
When you book your corporate or leisure travel with Charter Flight Group, we will help you get as close as possible to your destination. Charter Flight Group will arrange your chartered private flight on the Falcon 7X so that you can depart on your own schedule, go exactly where you want to go, and relax in style.You and your colleagues can get work done comfortably and efficiently instead of wasting time in overcrowded airports and long security lines. With a long range of 5,170 miles with 8 passengers and a Mach 0.90 maximum operating speed, your Falcon 7X private air charter will take you further and get you there faster. You and your colleagues can easily travel non-stop from Seattle to Shanghai or Paris to Tokyo without the need to refuel. With its unparalleled cabin comfort and amenities for business jet charter clients, it’s easy to understand why the Dassault Falcon 7X competes extremely well with Gulfstream, its top competitor in the large and heavy jet class.