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Falcon 2000LX


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Falcon 2000LX

Executive Air Charter Flights on the Falcon 2000LX – History and Highlights

Charter Flight Group’s executive air charters on the Falcon 2000LX will get you in and out of thousands of domestic and international destinations in one of the best performing and most comfortable long-range luxury executive jets. Come and go on your own timetable and take advantage of thousands of global private airports that cannot be reached on commercial flights. If you are headed to a business conference across the country or vacationing in an exotic foreign locale, you will have improved access to your destination compared to regularly-scheduled airline flights. The Falcon 2000LX can easily deliver you non-stop on private jet charter flights to a wide variety of destinations including Seattle to San Juan, Costa Rica, Anchorage to Miami and New York to London.

With the Falcon 2000LX, Dassault Aviation improved upon its already popular, speedy and reliable Falcon 2000DX executive jet by adding reinforced wings and winglets to boost the climb performance and increasing its range to about 4,000nm. This was a significant improvement over the 2000EX variant which covered only 3,800nm on the same amount of fuel. Clients who take advantage of executive air charters on the Falcon 2000LX will be pleased with the fuel efficiency, range and level of luxury afforded by this executive jet. The Falcon 2000LX is in regular use by private individuals, corporations such as large manufacturers, investment firms and real estate developers, and chartered private flight operators.