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Falcon 2000EX


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Falcon 2000EX

Private Jet Charter Flights on the Falcon 2000EX – History and Highlights

Dassault Aviation improved upon its already popular, speedy and reliable Falcon 2000 by increasing its range, comfort and engines. The new super midsize twin-engine model, the Falcon 2000EX, was introduced in 2003 and is a solid performer for chartered private flights. At the time of its introduction, very few executive jets could match its range of 4,300 miles at 80 Mach with six passengers. Other variants built on the winning design of the original Falcon 2000 include the Falcon 2000EX EASy (updated avionics, oxygen and pressurization systems), the Falcon 2000DX (original range with engines and avionics of the 2000EX EASy), and the Falcon 2000LX (similar to the 2000DX with reinforced wings and greater range of 4,000nm). The Falcon 2000EX is in regular use by private individuals, corporations and chartered private flight operators.
Private jet charter flights on the Falcon 2000EX will get you in and out of thousands of domestic and international destinations in style and luxury. Charter Flight Group allows you to come and go on your own timetable and take advantage of thousands of global private airports that cannot be reached on commercial flights. Whether you have a business meeting across the country or are vacationing on the other side of the world, you will have better access to your destination than on regularly-scheduled airline flights. The Falcon 2000EX can easily deliver you non-stop on private jet charter flights from Mexico City to Anchorage, Seattle to Bogotá or London to New Delhi.