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Falcon 2000


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Falcon 2000

Chartered Flights on the Falcon 2000 – History and Highlights

The first of the super midsize corporate jets, the Falcon 2000 earns high marks for a long-range business jet, primarily due to its comfort, flexibility and fuel usage. Chartered flights on the Falcon 2000 booked through Charter Flight Group will have you taking off and landing in thousands of domestic and international destinations in style and comfort. This super-midsize twin-engine corporate jet was developed in 1994 by Dassault Aviation as the Falcon X, a slightly smaller version of their Falcon 900 tri-jet but with a transcontinental range, and was renamed Falcon 2000.The Falcon 2000 is in regular use by private individuals, corporations and jet aircraft charter operators. Other variants built on this winning design include the Falcon 2000EX (extended range), Falcon 2000DX (original range but engines and avionics of the 2000EX), and the Falcon 2000LX (similar to the 2000DX with reinforced wings and greater range).

The Falcon 2000 is the only super midsize corporate jet that is able to land with a nearly full fuel tank. That means it can do multiple “hops” to pick up your business colleagues or family members in other cities.Your jet aircraft charter with Charter Flight Group will allow you to come and go as you please and take advantage of thousands of global private airports that cannot be reached on commercial flights. Whether you have a business meeting across the country or are vacationing on the other side of the world, you will have better access to your destination than on regularly-scheduled airline flights. The Falcon 2000 can easily deliver you non-stop from Vancouver to Miami, Québec to Panama or Houston to Fairbanks.