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Embraer Brasilia EMB120/120ER


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Embraer Brasilia EMB120/120ER

Charter Air Transport on the Brasilia EMB120/120ER – History and Highlights

Let Charter Flight Group arrange your private air travel to and from domestic and international destinations on the Embraer 120 Brasilia, a very successful medium-capacity charter air transport airliner. Introduced in 1983 by Embraer of Brazil, this twin-turboprop aircraft was the fastest, lightest and most economical plane designed to carry 30 to 40 passengers, and immediately drew the interest of regional airlines that wanted to provide cost-effective service to small communities.Atlantic Southeast Airlines flew the first commercial Brasilia EMB120 in 1985, and the plane became popular mainly in the U.S. and Europe. The EMB120ER variant is an extended version offering a larger capacity (37 passengers) and twice the range (2,000+ miles).

The Brasilia EMB120/120ER have remained in constant use by charter air transport operators, corporations, regional carriers such as Sky West Airlines, and military operators such as the Brazilian Air Force.Your private air travel on the EMB120/120ER Brasilia will allow you to transport your small group of colleagues or teammates on your own timetable. You will be able to land in thousands of international private airports, giving you better access to your destination than flights on regularly-scheduled airlines. When you charter a plane with Charter Flight Group, you and your guests will travel with comfort and convenience. The Brasilia EMB120/120ER is more practical and cost-effective than any similar aircraft in its class.