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Embraer 145 / ERJ 145


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Embraer 145 / ERJ 145

Private Airline Charter on the Embraer 145 / ERJ 145 – History and Highlights

Charter Flight Group can arrange chartered flights to and from domestic and global destinations for you on the Embraer 145. This modern, medium-sized, short-range airliner is capable of carrying your group of up to 50 passengers in complete comfort. Introduced in 1996 by Brazil’s Embraer, the ERJ 145 is a stretched and turbofan-powered version of the company’s EMB 120, with swept wings and rear-mounted engines. Its cabin space and performance make it a stand-out in its class. Short runway requirements allow this airliner to access smaller airports. Its operating costs are also low, which makes the Embraer 145 popular for private airline charters.

Variants of this aircraft include the Embraer ERJ 145ER (extended range), the Embraer ERJ 145LR (long range with extra fuel capacity and upgraded engines), and the ERJ 145XR (extra-long range, higher speed and more powerful engines). It is the perfect aircraft for small group charter air transport and is in regular use by corporations, regional airlines and private airline charter operators.

There are also military models in use by military operators around the world, including the Belgian Air Component, Brazilian Air Force and the Royal Thai Army.

When you arrange charter air transport through Charter Flight Group, you will be able to depart on your own schedule and land in thousands of private airports around the world. Whether you are attending a business summit on the other side of the world or enjoying a vacation in an exotic locale, you will have better access to your destination compared to regularly-scheduled airline flights. The Embraer 145 offers you and your guests comfort, ample space, convenience and luxury. This charter air transport is ideal for business travelers and, because of its range, will take you non-stop from Orlando to New York, Osaka to Beijing, or Rome to Tel Aviv.