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Citation VII


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Citation VII

Citation VII Mid Jet Charter flight – History and Highlights

When you and your friends or colleagues want to get in and out of hundreds of global destinations in style and luxury, charter a private jet with Charter Flight Group. Your flight aboard the Cessna Citation VII will enable you to take off on your own schedule and land in private airports all over the world. Built on the airframe of the popular Citation III, Cessna Aircraft Company introduced this high-end midsized high-performance executive jet in 1992 with bigger engines and speeds that topped its nearest competitor, the Learjet. The Citation VII became so popular that it was the core business jet in the Citation line and is in regular use today for private jet charters. Other variants include the Citation VI, its economy class twin.

Charter a private jet with Charter Flight Group and get better access to domestic and international destinations compared with flights on regularly-scheduled airlines. The Citation VII offers comfort, convenience and luxury. Charter a private jet to host a business meeting with your colleagues in this well-appointed aircraft with enhanced soundproofing, or just relax and enjoy the flexibility of luxurious private jet charters on your way to a long-awaited vacation. The Citation VII is certified to FAR part 25 safety standards, the same standards commercial aircraft must meet. Clients will benefit from non-stop private jet charters from Miami to Albuquerque, Carlsbad to Mexico City, or Istanbul to Dublin, as well as shorter trips.