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Citation VI


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Citation VI

Aircraft Charters on the Citation VI Mid Jet – History and Highlights

A jet aircraft charter arranged by Charter Flight Group on the Cessna Citation VI will transport you and your travel companions in and out of worldwide destinations in comfort and style. This midsized high-performance business jet is part of the popular Citation series and was introduced by Cessna Aircraft Company in 1991 as a low-cost version of the Citation III. Built on the Citation III airframe, Cessna outfitted the Citation VI with standardized avionics and a standard, non-customizable cabin interior to make it more economical for buyers. The Citation VI is most notable for its fast speed; it can perform at Mach .81 to .83 at a cruising altitude of 43,000 feet, making it one of the fastest business jets in the midsized class. Another variant, the Citation VII, is an upscale version of this model with more powerful engines, greater fuel capacity and longer range.

If you want the flexibility of taking off on your own schedule and landing in thousands of private domestic and international airports, consider booking your private Citation charters with Charter Flight Group. You and your guests will have better access to your destination compared to flights on regularly-scheduled airlines. The Citation VI offers comfort, convenience and smooth landings. You will be able to host a business meeting in this well-appointed executive jet due to the relatively quiet cabin, or just relax and enjoy the flexibility of private Citation charters on longer range flights at high speeds. With only four passengers aboard, Citation VI can travel up to 2,920 miles. Clients will enjoy non-stop jet aircraft charters from Seattle to Puerto Vallarta, Boston to Salt Lake City, or London to Cairo.