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Citation V


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Citation V

Private Aircraft Charters on Citation V – History and Highlights

When you are ready to book your private Citation V light jet from Cessna of Wichita, give Charter Flight Group a call. With more than 30 years in the industry providing private charter travel for business and personal reasons, Charter Flight Group can provide whatever you need. With private charter flights to destinations worldwide, expert planners to take care of all your travel needs, and unmatched service, Charter Flight Group is ready to book your flight on the Citation V when you are.

The Citation V is the largest of the light jets in the Citation class produced by Cessna in demand for a light jet that could takeoff and land on short airstrips. This class, originally produced for those private charter clients who preferred a jet to a turboprop aircraft, quickly expanded into a myriad of models.

In fact, the Citation V spawned three ensuing models, but because of certain features unique to this aircraft, it remains a favorite.

For instance, the Citation V has a baggage capacity of 46 cubic feet and added cabin room. This allows for several pieces of luggage, a few golf bags, and plenty of room for the extra-wide seats to swivel and turn a full 360 degrees and recline 60 degrees. Not just that, additional soundproofing makes this one of the quietest business jets available.