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Citation SII


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Citation SII

Private Aircraft Charters on Citation SII – History and Highlights

Charter a private flight on the most popular Cessna jet ever, the Citation S/II from Charter Flight Group. With over 30 years experience in providing superior private jet charter travel, Charter Flight Group is proud to provide this superior jet by Cessna for your private travel demands.The Citation S/II was the first major improvement over the popular Citation II, with the “S” indicating simply, “Super.” Indeed, this private jet is super for at a time when all other light jet makers were seeking bigger, better, more complicated designs, Cessna demonstrated with this model that bigger is not always better.
In fact, the superior performance and enormous demand for this aircraft literally altered the direction for manufacturers throughout the private jet industry.Some of the features that make the Citation S/II super include increases in power, cockpit visibility, and improved de-icing controls. The Super II went for simplicity and it paid off. In addition to changes in the wing structure which allowed for greater aerodynamics and lift, Cessna switched to the JT15D-4B engine, which contained components that could sustain higher temperatures and allow for greater thrust at higher altitudes.