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Citation Jet

Private Aircraft Charters on Citation Jet – History and Highlights

Contact Charter Flight Group to arrange your private flight on a Citation Jet, whether you are planning a private flight from destinations in the States or any other location worldwide. Charter Flight Group has been providing top-flight service to busy private charter travelers for over 30 years and has become one of the major players in the industry. With countless destinations and an equal number of charter aircraft, Charter Flight Group can arrange whatever you need in private air travel.

The Citation Jet is one of the most popular private aircraft ever built by Cessna and had its beginning on April 29, 1991 with its first flight.

It was built as a replacement to the first two in the Citation series and rather than simple redesign this model, Cessna built an entirely different concept.

Although entirely different, the Citation Jet did borrow from the forward fuselage and added a laminar flog wing that permitted better aerodynamics, better performance, and of course, improved efficiency. Later models of this popular concept included the CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, and CJ4, each with its own advantages.