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Lear 45XR


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Lear 45XR

Private Air Charter on Lear 45XR – History and Highlights

Charter Flight Group is pleased to provide out private charter clients with the Lear 45XR. Providing the finest luxury private jet charters in the world for over 30 years, Charter Flight Group has built a reputation for service above all. The Lear 45XR is a proud addition to the fleet that helps us maintain that standing.

Developed in June 2004 as an upgrade to the popular Lear 40 model, this jet was designed to maintain Bombardier Aerospace’s position by providing a small private business jet with mid-size capabilities. In order to achieve the desired results, Bombardier turned to Honeywell for reconfigurations to the engines.

In modifying the engines, Honeywell developed the TFE731-20BR which provided additional thrust, speed, and takeoff weights. In no time, the Lear 45XR gained such a fine reputation it was included as one of the main simulation jets in the popular Microsoft games, Flight Simulator, Flight Sim 2004, and FSX. Additionally, the company developed upgrades for existing Lear 40’s so that owners could modify their jets to the same capabilities as the Lear 40XR. Extra Range was the goal and extra range is what this jet provides.