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Cessna Conquest II


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Cessna Conquest II

Charter Private Cessna Conquest II – History and Highlights

Enjoy efficiency and economy when you charter a flight in the Cessna Conquest II, also known as the Cessna 441 Conquest. Introduced in 1973 and delivered in 1977, this twin-engine turboprop was the first turboprop designed by Cessna Aircraft Company with the intention of filling the void between their piston engine and jet aircraft. The Cessna Conquest II has been in steady use and has been upgraded over the years with more efficient engines and four-bladed McCauley propellers to improve its horsepower, speed, range and reduce cabin noise. Charter Flight Group can arrange chartered private planes for you and your guests to and from hundreds of destinations in the Cessna Conquest II.

When you charter a flight on the Cessna Conquest II you will be able to depart on your own schedule and land in thousands of remote private airports, giving you better access to your destination than regularly-scheduled airline flights. The Cessna Conquest II offers you and your guests comfort and convenience, and it can take off from very short runways. The cabin of this chartered private plane has been soundproofed, so you can host a business meeting without being disturbed by excess engine noise. The Cessna Conquest II has a large fuel capacity and will get you to your destination quickly, so it is very practical and cost-effective for your air flight charters.