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Airbus A310-300


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Airbus A310-300

Private Aircraft Charters on Airbus A310-300 – History and Highlights

Charter a private Airbus A310-300 with Charter Flight Group and prepare for flight on one of the finest charter airliners ever built. With more than 30 years experience in providing private charter jet flights to all continents, Charter Flight Group can make all your group private charter arrangements on this fine aircraft.

Airbus Europe began as a consortium of European nations in the 1970s, the initial Airbus A300 jet was to be a transcontinental jet airliner capable of large passenger capacities and accompanying cargo. After considerable political positioning, the UK both left the arrangement then returned. Rolls-Royce was targeted for engines, but decided to remain out of the project, so the group used both General Electric and Pratt & Whitney for this portion of the design.

The resulting airliner jet was massive and capable of the desired specs, but shortly after the initial launch, several nations determined that a slightly smaller version was needed.

The Airbus A310-300 jet, though a later modification, featured a shorter fuselage and modified wing structures to allow for smaller runways, fewer passengers, and reduced fuel consumption. Initial orders went to Lufthansa with a 25 unit commitment. This became the ideal mass transit aircraft for both cross-European and intercontinental flights.