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Airbus 318


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Airbus 318

Charter Air on Airbus 318 – History and Highlights

Charter a private jet flight on the Airbus 318 through Charter Flight Group today. Charter Flight Group is proud to offer this particular jet airliner for private use, for Airbus Europe used outside-of-the-box thinking on this jet and it is ideal for many private group charters today. Charter Flight Group has been offering private jet charters for over 30 years and can make all your arrangements when you are ready.

Airbus specializes in wide-body airliner jets and with the success of its growing line of airliners it has carved a considerable niche in the market. In the late 1990s, a need was seen for a large jet that could land at many inner city airports. Many cities were growing and jets with greater capacities were needed. However, most inner city airports could not handle the larger sizes and thus built larger landing strips further away from the downtown areas.

Airbus saw the need then for an airliner that could continue to use many of the inner-city airports.

The Airbus 318 began as a joint program between Airbus Europe, Aviation Industries of China, Singapore Technologies Aerospace, and Alenia. The idea was to build an aircraft that could carry a considerable number of passengers, in wide-body comfort, and still utilize these inner-city landing strips. By the time the project had produced the first Airbus 318, the terrorist attacks in the U.S. in 2001 caused a drastic reduction of new Aircraft orders, stalling the initial progress of this airliner jet. However, that did not last and the Airbus 318 has proven to be a valuable asset to companies worldwide.