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Boeing Business Jet


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Boeing Business Jet

Private Charter Flight on Boeing Business Jet – History and Highlights

The Boeing Business Jet has been taking off quicker than virtually any private corporate aircraft ever. Charter Flight Group is proud to have a few of the beauties to provide to our private executive travelers and with more than 30 years service in providing our clients with the finest luxury aircraft, this one simply takes our breath away.

The Boeing Business Jet began when Boeing determined there was a need to provide a spacious, long range airliner with all the amenities that a busy high-level corporate executive would need. Indeed, to find a finer airliner, one would need Air Force One, also made by Boeing. The Boeing Business Jet began and remains as a coequal partnership between Boeing and General Electric and incorporates all of the finest features of every one of the company’s best jet airliners.

For instance, the Boeing Business Jet can be configured to seat 25 to 50 passengers in total luxury and often includes a master bedroom, two full showers with lavatories, conference room, living area, complete with top-of-the-line entertainments, a lounge, dining area, or more. Configurations vary and there is even a model that can provide seating for up to 149 passengers, should the client have a need to bring a larger group along, such as if frequently the case among movie studios. When ordering your private Business Jet, simple ask any of Charter Flight Groups expert private charter consultants which are available for your flight time.