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Boeing 737-400


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Boeing 737-400

Private Aircraft Charter on Boeing 737-400 – History and Highlights

If you are planning a private charter flight on the Boeing 737-400, Charter Flight Group is ready to take care of all your arrangements. By providing outstanding service for over 30 years, Charter Flight Group has emerged as a world leader in private charter service on the Boeing 737-400 and many other fine aircraft.

The Boeing 737-400 is a stretched variation on the 737-200, developed out of a need for more passenger capacity and cargo capabilities of many of Boeing’s customers. Having earlier developed a convertible system in the 373-200, the company built a reputation for building reliable, flexible mass transit aircraft, so this variation was a good fit in answering the need for a larger jet airliner.

In fact, the Boeing 737-400 jet is often referred to as a Combi aircraft, for some ordered the jet to be configured for half-passengers and half-freight. One such customer was Alaska Airlines, which converted one from regular service themselves so that the airliner could also carry 10 pallets of materials and products. Because of the reliability and flexibility of the Boeing 737-400 jet airliner, this jet has attracted many private flight clients seeking considerable seating while conveying large amounts of cargo.