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Beechcraft King Air 200


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Beechcraft King Air 200

Private Aircraft Charters on Beechcraft King Air 200 – History and Highlights

For short commuter-type flights, the Beechcraft King Air 200 is perhaps one of the best choices in turboprop aircraft one may choose. Charter Flight Group, with more than 30 years in serving the needs of clients worldwide, is proud to offer this beloved and best-selling private charter flight aircraft.

In 1969, Beech Aircraft Corporation (now Hawker Beechcraft) determined there was a need for a light turboprop aircraft capable of landing virtually anywhere, yet able to carry more than a couple of passengers further than very short distances. Beginning with a design based in part of their already popular Beechcraft 100, work began on the 200. Within a short time, wind tunnel trials led engineers to develop the T-tail for which this aircraft is now well-known.

The first order fulfillment for the Beechcraft King Air 200 occurred in 1972 with the U.S. Military and by 1974, civilian orders began

to be filled. In 1980, further enhancements were made to this already popular aircraft and this is the model in use throughout most of the world today.

The Beechcraft King Air 200 was originally marketed as the Super King Air and used in many private charter flights, but this designation ceased in 1996; it features the T-tail, which allows for greater maneuverability, especially when taking off and landing on short, mountainous runways. In addition, the structure in 1980 was reengineered to allow maximum cabin pressurization and the wingspan was increased to allow for greater fuel capacity. Additional modifications allowed for greater cargo capacity.