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Challenger 604


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Challenger 604

Challenger 604 Private Plane Flights – History and Highlights

If you are considering a Challenger 604 private jet, give Charter Flight Group a call to make all your arrangements. Charter Flight Group can arrange private jet flights to virtually unlimited destinations worldwide on the Challenger 604 or any other of the fine luxury aircraft at our disposal.

The Challenger 604 is the latest innovation from Canadiar’s Bombardier Division, which developed the Challenger 600 in the late 70s in conjunction with Bill Lear. After a successful run with one of the most popular private executive business jets ever the 600/601 model was upgraded to provide additional cargo space and fuel capacity, making this heavy private jet one of the most desirable in charter flight travel today.

The Challenger 604 class incorporates two General Electric CF34-3B engines and a new undercarriage which makes for an increased takeoff/landing weight. Adding the Collins ProLine 4 system for avionics along with structural changes to the tail and wings has brought the attention of the U.S. Coast Guard, which uses this aircraft in Medium Range Command Control operations. In addition, this jet is capable of landings on short, gravel airstrips making it one of the most versatile jets in its class.