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Cessna Caravan


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Cessna Caravan

Private Plane Charter on the Cessna Caravan/Grand Caravan – History and Highlights

Charter Flight Group can arrange private aircraft charters for you and your guests to and from hundreds of destinations around the world. Enjoy the efficiency and economy of your own chartered private plane in the Cessna Caravan or Grand Caravan. These single-engine turboprops are workhorses and are known to be the safest general aviation aircraft ever built. Cessna Aircraft Company introduced the first Cessna Caravan in 1985 and the Cessna Grand Caravan, a 4-foot longer version, in 1990. The Cessna Caravan has been in constant use for decades as passenger aircraft, air charters, freight, and military operations around the world. FedEx operates a large fleet of the 208B Super Cargomaster, the cargo variant of the Grand Caravan.

The Cessna Caravan has a strutted nose wheel and fixed landing gear that place it high off the ground, providing a lot of clearance for the propeller.

The large, rough-field tires can handle nearly any type of rugged or primitive landing strip. Your private aircraft charter in the Cessna Caravan will enable you to take off on runways as short as 1,500 feet and land on runways under 1,000 feet. Private aircraft charters on the Cessna Caravan will enable you to depart on your own schedule and land in thousands of remote private airports that cannot be served by regularly-scheduled airline flights or larger business jets. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, your private aircraft charter in the Cessna Caravan will help you avoid overcrowded airports and long security lines, and enable you to land virtually anywhere you please.