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Citation 500


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Citation 500

Business Jet Citation 500 (Citation I/1 Model 500) – History and Highlights

Contact Charter Flight Group to arrange your private jet charters on the Citation 500 (eventually called the Citation I Model 500) for your corporate or recreational travel to and from domestic and foreign destinations. This light charter jet is considered to be the original “business jet” and was the first of one of the most successful series of private jet charter aircraft. With its twin Pratt & Whitney Canada turbofan-powered engines and straight wings, the Citation 500 was designed by Cessna Aircraft Company in 1969 from a prototype called the FanJet 500 to compete with smaller jets that were dominating the market and were capable of landing on short runways.

Criticized for slowness, the original Citation 500 underwent a variety of improvements to its engines and wingspan length before deliveries of the aircraft began in 1972, resulting in Cessna renaming the jet to the Citation I (Model 500).

Future variants included the Citation I/SP (Model 501) which was certified for single pilot operation, and a stretched version called the Citation II (Model 550). The private citation charter that you arrange with Charter Flight Group on the Citation 500 offers you the possibility of relaxing or conducting business in the comfortable and convenient cabin with ample legroom. The Citation I Model 500 is also practical, allowing you access to hundreds of domestic and international airports with shorter runways. This provides the ultimate access compared to commercial flights and private jet charters on larger jets.