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Beechjet 400/400A


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Beechjet 400/400A

Private Aircraft Charters on the Beechjet 400/400A – History and Highlights

Contact Charter Flight Group to arrange private aircraft charters to and from domestic and international destinations on Beechjet 400 series aircraft. This small, light, twin-engine business jet was initially built by Mitsubishi and later purchased and manufactured by Beech Aircraft Company. The Beechjet 400 has been in regular use since the mid-1980s for private aircraft charters around the world as well as by air taxi charters and the U.S. Air Force (as the T1-A Jayhawk). Beech built hundreds of the Beechjet 400 and its successor, the Beechjet 400A, between 1986 and 2003, when the company was acquired by Raytheon (now Hawker Beechcraft).The private aircraft charters you arrange with Charter Flight Group on the Beechjet 400/400A offer you the ability to depart on your own schedule and land in thousands of the world’s executive airports.
The Beechcraft 400 was an improvement over its predecessor, the Mitsubishi Diamond 2, with the addition of Pratt & Whitney Canada turbofan engines and an improved interior design. However, the Beechjet 400A model, released in 1990, was even better and became the most popular variant of this business jet. Relocation of the rear fuel tank to beneath the floor increased the cabin space and passenger comfort. Takeoff weight capacity and fuel capacity were enhanced, and an aft lavatory and extra cabin soundproofing were added, making this an efficient and comfortable small business jet.