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ATR 72


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ATR 72

Private Aircraft Charters on ATR 72 – History and Highlights

Charter Flight Group has been providing the finest private aircraft in the world for over 30 years to clients worldwide. With service beyond compare, we offer the best selection of private charter aircraft, the most flexible flight arrangements, and the most destinations possible. Charter Flight Group is pleased to offer the ATR 72 for your next private group charter.

The ATR 72 was developed by ATR of France and Italy as a need for a turboprop airliner with greater passenger capacity was realized and the technology was developed to allow for such.

In designing the ATR 72, the company used the basic constructs of the ATR 42, one of the most popular turboprop airliners ever developed and stretched the fuselage by adding an additional 15 feet. Then the wings were extended and many new technologies were employed to make the aircraft just as efficient so as to maintain range while allowing for extra weight. In addition, the fuel capacity was increased by 10% and a restructuring of the load balance allowed engineers to meet all goals.