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Citation II


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Citation II

Private Aircraft Charter on Citation II Light Jet – History and Highlights

The Citation II light jet from Cessna is part of one of the most successful charter jets at the disposal of Charter Flight Group. With over 30 years service in providing private light jets to clients worldwide, Charter Flight Group is proud to offer the Citation II jet to clients seeking quick private flights from Chicago to Dallas or other such destinations.

This aircraft began as the first in the 550 Model Series of light corporate jets built by Cessna beginning in 1977. It was developed in demand for a slightly larger, though still efficient means of travel by busy executive travelers.

The Citation I jet had been such as success, that the company believed that a somewhat larger model using the same design concept would be useful and thus the Citation II was born.

Because the Citation II had the capacity to carry 5000 lb of fuel, travel farther, and faster than its predecessor, this aircraft was quickly employed by both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which bought reconfigured the aircraft for use in operations in both Central and South America.