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Citation CJ2/CJ2+


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Citation CJ2/CJ2+

Private Aircraft Charters on Citation CJ2/CJ2+ Light Jet – History and Highlights

When considering a private air charter jet, the Citation CJ2 through Charter Flight Group is an ideal choice for the busy executive traveler needing luxurious comfort, efficiency, and landings on short runways. Charter Flight Group, with over 30 years experience in providing private jet charters such as the Citation CJ2 is dedicated to the kind of world-class service you expect and can arrange your private jet flight to destinations worldwide.The CJ2 is a third-generation Citation jet from renowned aircraft builder, Cessna of Wichita, Kansas and is a nice step up from the Citation CJ1.
First shipped on early 2000, the CJ2 adds an additional 5’ to the overall length of the CJ1.This jet provides all the benefits of its predecessor, with the added benefit of higher altitudes for smoother private flights, a slightly more powerful set of engines, and longer range of flight. With seating for 7 or 8, depending on who gets to sit in the lavatory (your personal assistant, perhaps) this aircraft also features 74 cubic feet of cargo space within the cabin area.