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Challenger 600


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Challenger 600

Aircraft Charter Challenger 600 Heavy Jet – History and Highlights

Arrange private air charters to and from domestic and worldwide destinations with Charter Flight Group. We offer the widest selection of chartered private flights on aircraft such as the Challenger 600. This heavy business jet, which can accommodate as many as 19 passengers, was conceptualized by Bill Lear of Learjets fame and was originally named the LearStar 600. The Challenger 600 was produced by Canadair (now a division of Bombardier Aerospace) and has been in regular use since 1978 for private air charters around the world for civilian and VIP transport. This jet also sees worldwide military use by the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Coast Guard (Bombardier VC-143) and, for example, by Australia and Canada. Bombardier Aerospace built hundreds of the Challenger 600, one of the first aircraft to feature a supercritical wing, and its successors (601, 604 and 605).

The private air charters Charter Flight Group can arrange for you on the Challenger 600 give you the ability to depart on your own schedule and land in any of the thousands of international executive airports.

Due to its supercritical wing design which reduced shock waves near the speed of sound, your business air charter on the Challenger 600 affords you a smooth and quiet flight with little vibration. Its impressive wide cabin design (8.2 feet) offers passengers comfort and convenience. Many business air charter clients compare the comfort of this charter aircraft to the Boeing 737. The 601 variant offered upgraded safety and avionics with an intercontinental range of 3,790 miles. The 604 variant added more powerful engines and more fuel capacity as well as wing and tail structural improvements. The Challenger 605, introduced in 2006, featured larger cabin windows and updated avionics. These Challenger 600 business jets are designed for long range and make private air charters efficient and luxurious.