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Airbus 380


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Airbus 380

Private Aircraft Charters on Airbus 380 – History and Highlights

Perhaps no other Airbus jet airliner can apply the term “bus” better and worse than the Airbus 380 so when you are ready to book an amazing private charter flight on this jet, Charter Flight Group will be delighted to make all your arrangements. A leader in private charter flights for over 30 years, the crew at Charter Flight Group can provide the kind of world-class service you would expect on this world-class jet airliner from Airbus.

The Airbus 380 began as a joint operation among numerous large jet manufacturers that included Boeing, Airbus, and several others in 1988. However, as the commercial industry began moving towards more non-stop flights on smaller aircraft, Boeing dropped out and the group fairly dissolved, leaving Airbus the major contributor.

Although most analysts predicted failure, Airbus did not back down and by October 2007, the first 380 was delivered to Singapore Airlines and nicknamed the Superjumbo.

The 380 certainly earned this nickname, for as a bus carries a large capacity of passengers, so too this superjumbo carries either 525 or 853 passengers depending on configuration. But this is as far as a comparison to a bus as the Airbus 380 can get, for even with the coach configuration, all 853 passengers will enjoy far more seating room than on any other airliner in the world. Wider seats, total air recycling every 3 minutes, plenty of head room, extra personal storage, and wider stairs and aisles all make for luxurious long-distance comfort regardless of traveling class.