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Airbus A321


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Airbus A321

Jet Aircraft Charters on the Airbus A321 – History and Highlights

Consider your own private Airbus A321 for intercontinental chartered flights in unmatched comfort, whether traveling for business or leisure. The Airbus A321, also called the Stretched A320, A320-500 and A325, is modified from the A320, the world’s fastest-selling family of jets. Airbus stretched the A320’s fuselage nearly 23 feet, strengthened the center fuselage sections and undercarriage to accommodate the extra weight, and made minor wing modifications. The Airbus A321 is ideal for business travelers who want economical chartered flights that will carry larger groups.

Chartered flights in the Airbus A321 will still permit you to travel to a wide assortment of domestic and international airports. Jet aircraft charters through Charter Flight Group allow you to schedule your takeoffs and landings to fit your schedule. With a lot of space and a user-friendly cabin, you’ll find the Airbus A321 hard to beat for business and leisure travel. Fly non-stop on these medium-range corporate jets with ease from Madrid to Moscow, Calgary to Mexico City, and Boston to Bogota.